Secure data
in the cloud

Combine, analyze, and share sensitive data
with anyone.

Hundreds of billions worth of data is left untapped each year, particularly sensitive data. Decentriq helps you bridge these silos.

Securely collaborate on sensitive data, with anyone

Data inputs from all parties, internal and external, are encrypted real time while in use and are never revealed, including to us.

Fast and easy integration – zero code changes

Live on the public cloud and no changes to your existing code and workflow.

Breakthrough cloud security and privacy tech

Our platform uses the latest privacy technology called confidential computing, which guarantees your data is always encrypted in any situation.

Who works with us

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Always encrypted and secure, always easy to use

Our platform enables flexible computing, filtering and aggregating of data while guaranteeing the confidentiality of the input data regardless of the users.

Don‘t trust us. Trust them:

  • "Our partnership with Decentriq provides an innovative example of how businesses can better embed data protection into their application design and build cross-organizational data ecosystems."

    Aetienne Sardon

  • "Decentriq's privacy preserving analytics provide a valuable tool in defending supply chains without compromising on sensitive data or trade secrets."

    Chris Inglis, former Deputy Director
    US National Security Agency

  • "Decentriq’s confidential analytics platform offers the possibility to work together with other financial partners in a fast and easy way."

    Credit Suisse

  • "LynxCare needs to have best-in-class data anonymization techniques, and that is why we are working with Decentriq."

    Georges De Feu

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We’re excited to be at the @Madrid_Platform's International #Insurtech Seminar next week. We'll be part of a panel discussing Disruption in Insurtech and Digital Transformation in New Business Models this Monday, 10 May. Join us virtually here:

5/6/2021, 12:46:11 PM


Last week, we partnered with @TSystems_MMS to work together on developing #confidentialcomputing within their organization: Interested in learning more? Contact us!

5/5/2021, 1:14:45 PM


[For our Italian readers!] Find out how #confidentialcomputing and our platform can protect sensitive data even in use and help your organization maintain a competitive edge in this article by @Cybersec360.

5/4/2021, 12:46:54 PM


We’re excited to announce a partnership between @Decentriq and @TSystems_MMS to provide strategic development of #confidentialcomputing within T-Systems MMS and for their customers. Read more below: English: German:

4/29/2021, 12:46:42 PM


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