Decentriq unlocks previously inaccessible data
across many industries, including financial services, telecommunications and healthcare.
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Industry: Telecom / Banking

Decentriq co-created with Swisscom a tool called Confidential Insights, which allows organizations to confidentially collaborate on data with their peers on surveys, industry benchmarking, and more.

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Industry: Healthcare

LynxCare is partnering with Decentriq to incorporate a data security layer to their healthcare analytics platform so that any sensitive healthcare data across hospitals and research institutions are processed in a provably secure, anonymous and encrypted enclave.

Full Data Encryption
Ensure that your data stays encrypted and private at all times, no matter what happens to the rest of your infrastructure.
Confidential Surveys
Drive industry benchmarking with confidential surveys that aggregate results without exposing individual responses.
Analytics on CRM Data
Actively collaborate with your partners, internal or external, without exposing any CRM data.

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